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Struggling to unwind, relax, and rest after a long day? We often tend to overexert our bodies, which leaves us feeling drained and fatigued. If you fail to recognize the damage, you may develop conditions like chronic pain and insomnia in the long run.

At Alwan Herbals, we’re committed to helping you prioritize your health and wellness, and take measures to feel your best. Our collection of innovative alternative medicines is designed to support and strengthen your body. Whether you’re struggling to alleviate persistent body aches, get a good night’s sleep, or feel more energized, our product range is formulated to address your unique concerns.

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Melatonin Formula

Make Time for Yourself

Our CBD + Melatonin blend is the perfect example of innovative alternative medicines. CBD’s proven anti-inflammatory effects augment Melatonin’s effects against insomnia. With a notable improvement in gastrin levels, plasma melatonin, and leptin while decreasing blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and insomnia.



Research consistently shows Melatonin's anti-insomnia effects, which appear to be highly effective at reducing speed latency.

Increases Gastrin

Induces a notable increase in gastrin levels which alleviates stomach issues like ulcerations.

Decrease Blood Pressure

Melatonin has consistently proven to minorly decrease blood pressure once ingested.


Research states that CBD causes a notable decrease of anxiety.

Decrease Heartburn

Melatonin has been shown to decrease the symptoms of GERD with a notable decrease in heartburn symptoms.

Stabilize Neural Links

There is evidence CBD significantly decreases seizure frequency.

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Make Time for Yourself

As our lives become increasingly hectic and chaotic, we often find ourselves with little to no time for self-care. By depriving our bodies of essential nutrients and the ability to rest, we inadvertently act as our own worst enemies. Our products are infused with revitalizing ingredients that help your body recover and replenish.

From melatonin to CBD, each product contains a powerful cocktail of goodness. Whether you try our Melatonin Formula, Premium CBD Tincture, or Premium CBD Gummies, you’ll feel the difference. In addition, our Premium Hemp Salve is carefully designed to help soothe inflamed muscles and joints. Browse through our collection to find a product that’s right for you and give your body some much-needed TLC.


The body has intrinsic healing mechanisms that can be leveraged with the right triggers. We create our products to augment’s these mechanisms to keep you feeling well and balanced.


Quality and Precision

Our products undergo rigorous quality assurance checks for optimal efficacy and safety. When you receive your product, you don’t have to worry about quality in the least; we’ve taken care of it. Our detail-oriented team runs comprehensive tests to ensure each product is meticulously formulated and packaged with care.